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Welcome to Bombunists, where you can find Geoff Weber's comics:

The Scientists, Bug Hunt, and Stupid Kids: True Tales of Reckless Youth 

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Let's face it. It's a miracle that we survived to adulthood. We were wild, reckless, naïve, brave and astonishingly stupid! 

This comic anthology will celebrate that.

It's about the silly or cute things we misunderstood or feared, and the crazy mistakes and mix-ups we made along the way. These stories are fun, surprising, charming, and nostalgic... and they are all true!



Blake Campbell is an exterminator who finds himself on a space station being attacked by an army of robotic spiders. When it comes to space pest control, saving the day is just part of the job.


Twelve Student Prodigies

One National Science Fair

No Chance of Survival

Stuart Chin thought he and his fellow prodigies were heading to a national science fair. He never imagined they would awaken to find themselves abandoned in the underground corridors of a strange experimental facility. This ragtag group of misfits must use their wits to overcome dangerous obstacles, carnivorous plants, and a relentless killer robot, if they ever hope to escape from “The Scientists”.

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