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"Bombunists" was the name of the message board my friend group from high school created to stay connected to each other as we all went off to different colleges (in the era before social media). We also used it to collaborate on our first comic book, which was the spark that ignited my interest in making comics. 

Trent Beckett


Trent was Geoff's writing partner and friend. He enjoyed writing, DJing "so bad, its good" 80s music, travelling throughout Europe and the Caribbean. He was a network security expert and an all-around charming and hilarious guy. He wrote 8 feature length screenplays, 3 of which he and Geoff collaborated on. The Scientists was the last project they worked on together.

Geoff Weber

Geoff is an artist, magician, inventor, teacher, husband, and father of 4 boys. His original magic tricks have been published for the magic market and he has previously created art for gaming books and comic anthologies. He has recently completed his graphic novel, The Scientists, inspired by his love of 80s sci-fi/adventure.

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