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$10 (digital album)

20 Tracks - Various Artists

$10 each - (U.S. shipping included)

$5 PDF version

$5 (digital album)

10 Tracks - Various Artists

$10 each - (U.S. shipping included)

$5 PDF version


This book was 12+ years in the making! Based on an original story by Trent Beckett and Geoff Weber

The Scientists

Stuart Chin loves science, but when he travels to a national science fair held at the massive pyramid shaped headquarters of the mysterious Hofzinser Institute, something goes horribly wrong. He finds himself kidnapped along with a rag-tag group of fellow prodigies including rich kid Billy, conspiracy-theorist Bently, surfer dude Spencer, Southern belle Whitney, too cool-for-school Rick, loud mouth Tony, and silent math wiz Miles. They have no clue where they have been taken or what “The Scientists” want from them. To escape they must contend with a labyrinth of corridors and airlocks, poisonous gas, carnivorous plants, a malevolent robot, and a possible traitor in their midst.

180 pages. black & white

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