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The Scientists Part Two: The Experiment Has Begun

YA adventure of prodigies in peril!

Young geniuses have been thrown into a strange experiment. They'll embark on a wild adventure to escape but not everyone will make it!

News Release:  (80s centric article)
Relive 80s adventure stories with The Scientists!

Do you love ensemble kid adventure stories, like they made back in the 80s? They were dark, dangerous, and didn’t pull their punches. If you are a fan of Stranger Things, The Goonies, or Stand By Me you will love The Scientists!

Artist, Geoff Weber is bringing the Scientists, a 44 page painted comic to Kickstarter October 15 through November 9 to launch the second of a four part series. The first book is also offered for those who are looking to get caught up. You can check it out at

"I began The Scientists over 10 years ago with my friend and writing partner Trent Beckett. Everyone who knew him was devastated by his death in 2007, but I’ve found that working on this comic has helped me to maintain a feeling of connection and I promised myself that I would finish it as a way to honor him."

Shows like Netflix's Stranger Things have brought these types of youth-centric adventure stories back to the forefront of pop culture, and the music from it, is a part of a new genre of modern-yet-retro sounding synthesizer driven music called Synthwave. Geoff is a big fan of this type of music, so he has partnered with a group of a amazing Synthwave artists to produce a companion soundtrack for the comic, The Science of Synthwave.

The Scientists introduces us to a group of young adult prodigies who face a myriad of external pressures that many kids their age have to deal with, such as family and school. They are kidnapped on their way to a science fair and thrust into this unfamiliar environment straight out of a science fiction movie. They learn they are stronger together and are forced to confront the pressures they put on themselves.


In the coming chapters,  this ragtag group of misfits must use their wits to overcome dangerous obstacles, carnivorous plants, and a relentless killer robot if they ever hope to escape from "The Scientists".

Join the experiment and check out The Scientists!

About Geoff Weber & Trent Beckett

Geoff Weber is the artist and co-creator of The Scientists. He is also a magician, inventor, game designer, husband, and father of 4 boys. Trent Beckett was Geoff's friend and writing partner. He was a quarter-finalist in the ASA Screenwriter's Competition and wrote 8 feature length screenplays, 3 of which, he and Geoff collaborated on. The Scientists was the last project they worked on together.

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